• Diverse languages from many Asian countries
  • Various and abundant promos for all players
  • Elegant, clear, and opulent interface
  • Various payment methods
  • Currency conversion is limited
  • Only THB in currency exchange
  • The speed of transaction settlement is not optimized

Remember, responsible gambling means having fun while keeping your bets in check and making informed choices, ensuring that your gaming experience remains enjoyable and within your limits


  • Deposit::
    Local Bank, QR Code, True Money Wallet, Easy Pay, Cash Card, Line.
  • Programming languages::
    Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, English, Thai and Indonesian.

FUN88: The bookie focuses on many top entertainment betting halls

FUN88 – The most popular entertainment website in Asia right now. Especially in Online Casino Malaysia, this prestige bookie offers its users completely reliable betting services.  Players have a very upscale and enjoyable experience at this site. Many individuals all across the world have faith in this bookmaker. Continue reading to know more about us!

Our review of FUN88

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At the time of its introduction, FUN88 was a respected and well regarded bookmaker. All renowned forums, and betting websites are covered by this brand.


Overview about FUN88

Online gaming and betting portal bookmaker is well-known for its entertaining content. At the moment, this gaming business is also known as an online bookmaker. You may take part in the best fun games offered here if you sign up with the FUN88 bookmaker.

Additionally, profits from any game may be withdrawn to your bank account immediately. This is what makes the games in this playground creates appealing.

📌Facts about FUN88Established in 2019, headquarter in the Philippines, casino license PAGCOR.
🔥HOT deals for rookiesDaily Deals, Free 300 THB refer a friend up to 15,000 THB, 200 Points Free Reward for new member.
Sport bettingSeveral appealing betting options: over-under bet, odds ratio, correct score bet.
💸Deposit-withdrawal processLocal Bank, QR Code, True Money Wallet, Easy Pay, Cash Card, Line.
💰DepositMinimum deposit: THB 100, maximum deposit: THB 100,000 payment method: Local Bank, QR Code, True Money Wallet, Easy Pay, Cash Card, Line.
💵WithdrawalMinimum withdrawal: MYR 50, maximum withdrawal: MYR 50,000, payment method: Local Bank.
👩‍💻Programming languagesJapanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, English, Thai and Indonesian.
🎮Types of gamesEsports; Sportsbook; Live Casino; Virtual Sport.
AdviceComputer/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile phone (iOS and Android).
📱ContactLive Chat, Telegram, Phone number, Instagram, Youtube and Email.

FUN88 – A reliable bookmaker with a license to do business

The launch of this organization in 2019 was comparatively late in the history of the online betting industry. Despite being a new name, FUN88 has established a solid reputation in the Malaysia market.

The Philippines, Malta, and Curacao have approved FUN88 for commercial operations there. This demonstrates that the bookmaker has grown just as much as other established bookies. The governments of the aforementioned nations strictly oversee and restrict all of the Bookmaker’s operations. This reputable bookie continues to demonstrate that it is a reliable and wholesome gaming site.

The leading online betting website
The leading online betting website

FUN88 and strong investment resources

FUN88 has achieved success in investment transactions throughout the development phase. This assists the bookmaker in asserting its financial potential in the market even more.

Some of FUN88‘s investments include:

  • 2012: The bookmaker joins forces with the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
  • 2015: All Burnley club shirts are now officially sponsored.
  • Become a partner with Newcastle United from 2017 to 2020.
  • Additionally, FUN88 has endorsement agreements with NBA star Steve Nash, NBA icon Kobe Bryant, ex-player Robbie Fowler at Liverpool club, etc.

Currently, FUN88 is on the verge of reaching its objective of dominating Asia’s online gambling market. The games offered by this site are consistently in the top 10 most prestigious and high-quality bookies. Numerous athletes have always had favorable things to say about their brand.

The top bookmaker is recognized by countries with the right to operate legally
The top bookmaker is recognized by countries with the right to operate legally

Attractive games are available on FUN88

When you enter the inviting FUN88 gaming area, you cannot overlook the games that the online bookmaker offers. Let’s look at some of the fun betting activities you may partake in by investing below.

a/ Sportsbook – Sports Betting with enjoyable live viewing experiences

Online sports betting is a well-liked and lucrative investment option at website.  Additionally, FUN88 makes a special effort to create this type so that gamers may have a range of experiences. Players will take part in a variety of competitions, both big and little, usually football.

Exciting sports betting games at FUN88
Exciting sports betting games at FUN88

Football bettors can choose to place their wagers either before or during the game. Viewers may watch live broadcasts of the match information. The bookmaker gives the bettor a detailed odds table for the matches. Gamers will rely on it to make the best decision and succeed by themselves.

The variety of wagers offered by FUN88 is astounding: oblique wagers, European, Asian, underdog wagers, etc. Players will select the appropriate handicap for themselves based on their preferences. The bookmaker also hosts several competitions in a variety of different sports, including badminton, baseball, billiards,… The best emotions will be felt by gamers via numerous of those various genres.

b/ Experience the ultimate online casino Malaysia game

Casino at FUN88 features VIP online card rooms with sexy dealers that are highly skilled. Here, you may explore all 5 of the casino lobby areas that incorporate computers and mobile devices.

  • Royal Palace
  • E Place
  • Happy Palace
Casino casinos are extremely attractive at online dealers
Casino casinos are extremely attractive at online dealers

A wide selection of card games with high winning percentages are available to players in all 5 halls, including:

  • Baccarat
  • Disc jockey
  • Underdog
  • Blackjack
  • Dragon tiger

Participants in wagering will enjoy the game with very alluring betting odds.

c/ Having fun with the Live games at FUN88

The Slot/Fishing department of FUN88 offers a wide range of games, including live games. The games available here are supplied by renowned game manufacturers. Players will therefore be able to engage in some really dramatic and tense situations. The games here feature a high payout rate and a very high chance of winning at the same time.

Online games are experiential for players
Online games are experiential for players

d/ Online Virtual Sports Game and incisive visuals

Sports contests constructed from 3D pictures are known as virtual sports or just virtual sports. These graphics are generated and simulated in accordance with actual matches in the present.

Even though it’s a 3D graphic, the matches are well reproduced and detailed. When you gamble, the environment will be just as intense as in real life. Like the actual match, they are likewise replicated at a variety of reward levels.

The 3D game genre is extremely attractive in the bookie FUN88
The 3D game genre is extremely attractive in the bookie FUN88


Accessibility of the FUN88 bookmaker

This is an online bookmaker with a cutting-edge, globally renowned security system. it that while utilizing your personal information for betting, you may do it with ease and confidence. Your information will never be stolen or exposed to the public.

Quick transaction times and high access speeds at FUN88

Payments to bookmakers happen fairly quickly. You may deposit in as little as 5–10 minutes and withdraw in as little as 30. If your transaction hasn’t been correctly executed within 24 hours, you must get help from the bookmaker’s customer care.

Consistent maintenance intervals in FUN88

The FUN88 system will be frequently maintained by week, month, and year. The level of accessibility and service quality will be very high following each maintenance. The time you wasted waiting for the bookmaker to update will not be regrettable.

FUN88’s Professional Services

Gamblers’ lives were made simpler with the development of the bookmaker. As long as customers have access to reliable internet, they will be able to place bets from anywhere and at any time. FUN88 also invests in a variety of additional services for gamers, including:

  • A thorough explanation of how to wager on sports.
  • A listing of all promotions and betting programs, as well as results.
  • A no-risk sign-up bonus in the form of a wager is offered to newcomers.
  • Find out which websites give the best bonus for you by doing some research.
  • Make sure users have a better experience: You have the ability to alter the design, the color, or the kind of wager. The betting app will include all of the betting and depositing features.
  • Additional bonuses: The software will provide you with a number of options for the greatest bets. Therefore, this item won’t be seen in the browser. To receive this prize, you must either sign up as an active user or install your own apps. These can include welcome bonuses, payments, cost-free bets, unique presents, etc.
  • Speed: If a Malaysia betting app loads quickly enough, there is a chance that the site would freeze. On the basis of this, you may quickly put bets in live betting. Because the course of matches will change constantly. If you grasp this point then you can also change your bet action quickly.

Monetary options offered by the online bookmaker FUN88

There are several ways to pay for online applications right now:

  • Local Bank,
  • QR Code,
  • True Money Wallet,
  • Easy Pay,
  • Cash Card,
  • Line,

These are all methods of payment.

The sole withdrawal payment option available to members at FUN88 bookmaker is by bank. If you wish to deposit or withdraw money from the bookmaker, pay attention to this.

FUN88 Bonuses and incentives for bookmakers

At FUN88, rewards are granted on a daily, monthly, and annual basis. You only need to sign up for the bookmaker, and then you may join anytime you want.

The bookmaker offers players the best offers
The bookmaker offers players the best offers

You need access the following programs after joining in order to obtain bookmaker promotions:

  • New members will receive a gift coupon following a successful account registration. Validating the following is all that is required: Name in full, bank, contact information, and email. When you make your initial deposit at the dealer to redeem the prize, you will then receive 1 Gift Code.
  • New members will get 120% of the deposit amount when they make their initial deposit in the CMD Sport lobby.
  • Members who successfully open a betting account and make their first deposit at the casino will be eligible for a bonus of 100% of the amount of their deposit.
  • When a registered member wagers on the games that FUN88 provides, they may earn rewards from cashback events. Each game has a completely different return percentage.

In addition to these times, the bookmaker also provides players with several alluring incentives and promotions so they may take part in winning prizes.

How to create a new FUN88 account

After having successfully accessed the bookmaker’s URL, FUN88. If you decide to sign up, the “Win with the leading brand” form will show up and ask you to fill in the gaps.

  • Username: Your instant name lacks accents and utilizes a member ID that is unique.
  • Password: The sequence of letters and numbers next to it is accent-free and provides enough security.
  • Your regular mobile phone number is your “phone number.” Remove the first zero before entering.
  • Email: We advise using the email that you log in to the most frequently.
  • Get the FUN88 affiliate code by contacting the dealer website.

You must accurately complete the aforementioned personal details. The lines will then get a blue tick next to them if they are genuine. To proceed, all you have to do is click the “register” button. You will sign up to join FUN88.

The dashboard you need to fill out to become a member of the bookmaker
The dashboard you need to fill out to become a member of the bookmaker

For a very quick recharge, just at FUN88

Through the Bank, you may fund your bookmaker account.

  • Step 1: Click “Deposit” then “Local bank” Choose a bank that the bookmaker supports (once you make your selection, the bookmaker’s representative bank information will show).
  • Step 2: Select the appropriate representative bookmaker bank account and click the amount you wish to deposit. You may transfer money using a variety of methods, including at the bank counter, at ATMs, or online.
  • Step 3: Save the transfer invoice and check with the bookkeeper when the transfer is accomplished. Fill out the form provided by your local bank with the details related to your successful transaction to confirm the transfer.

Your transactional details and confirmation slip will be reviewed by the bookmaker. Your money will be quickly paid to your online betting account if the information matches.

FUN88 Quick withdrawal, simple operation

After placing successful wagers, gamers may feel confident making withdrawals in addition to deposits. Please refer to the withdrawal procedure listed below so that you can withdraw money with assurance from FUN88:

  • Step 1: After successfully entering into the bookmaker, registered users should click on Withdraw money on the homepage interface.
  • Members fill out the Withdrawal form in Step 2 by entering the withdrawal amount, complete name, bank name, member’s account number, province, city, and bank branch. The aforementioned details should confirm that you are the owner of the bank account shown in your name on the citizen ID.
  • Step 3: You decide to type: Remember my bank information. Your bank account details will be saved by the bookmaker as a result of this activity. You will find it more easy to log in for future transactions. This indicates that you won’t have to provide your bank information for the subsequent withdrawal.
  • Step 4: To request the withdrawal, click Submit. The payment department of the bookmaker will then immediately handle it for you.

The withdrawn monies will be sent to your bank account if your deal is successful. then take pleasure in your profitable betting outcomes.

Conclusion about FUN88

The information mentioned above is quite helpful for you if you plan to play FUN88 bookmaker. You can relax because this is also an internet pastime. You will be in charge of yourself as long as you recognize when enough is enough. FUN88 is only an improved version of a game for ardent gamblers; gaming is for entertainment only. I hope you find this website fascinating!

Q&A with the top bookie FUN88

Players have recently contacted the bookmaker’s customer service with some questions that are similarly similar. The purpose of this area is to respond to queries from gamblers.

  • Are the bad reports about FUN88 true?

    Those reports are all untrue.

  • Why have frauds with FUN88 been reported?

    The following explanations explain why this myth surfaced online:

    – Due to incomplete round rotation, members are not permitted to withdraw the incentive.
    – Due to breaking the bookmaker’s regulations, certain members are prohibited from withdrawing winnings.
    – To damage the standing and caliber of the FUN88 bookmaker, the individuals self-medicated online.

  • Has the bookmaker ever been apprehended?

    Never, brothers. This information is wholly incorrect. A legitimate institution has granted FUN88 a license, making it a legitimate bookmaker. The bookmaker makes sure each nation has a solid legal foundation on which to operate and prosper. So you can be sure this reputable bookie won’t ever be apprehended.

  • My account password to access the FUN88 dealer has been lost. Please let me know how to retrieve it.

    When a member forgets their account password, they can retrieve it by doing the following:

    First, click “Forgot Password” on the browser’s main menu. Click “Submit” after entering the email that you previously used to create your betting account. A new password will be sent to your email address by the dealer’s processing system after a brief delay.

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