Privacy when using Online Casino Malaysia’s service

Privacy Policy at Online Casino Malaysia – Strong and efficient security measures to assist against attacks and misuse of user data. A significant website’s security is crucially vital. Particularly bookmaker websites that include the cash transaction method. Coming with, the bookmaker is dedicated to maintaining the goodwill and confidence of lovely customers.

Overview of Online Casino Malaysia

The simplicity and other advantages of online betting have made it highly popular right now. Every veteran bettor has become accustomed to the moniker Online Casino Malaysia. However, this company has been preferred by many players who choose to remain with it for a long time because of its high service quality, wide selection of betting items, and many exceptional benefits.

The goal of gathering player information

Every user that accesses the prestigious casino will have their activity automatically logged. This accomplishes the following goals yet does not violate anyone’s privacy:

Privacy policy of the most prestigious casino in Asia – Online Casino Malaysia

Privacy Policy - Your Data and Security Matters
Privacy Policy at

Users must enter certain required information, such as an email address, in order to complete the assessment surveys that the Prestigious Casino frequently organizes. This might raise concerns about how secure they will be and what we will use them for. Following the next words!

Online Casino Malaysia’s prestige casino system will undoubtedly ensure the information is safeguarded in the greatest way if the user does not divulge any information about his or her account to a third party. We won’t be responsible for any dangers if the player’s actions lead to the information being released.


What types of information be gathered?

Normally, There are 3 types of information following be gathered:

Comments in the fanpage

On the page, users can remark on postings made by Online Casino Malaysia. After determining that these comments don’t provoke anybody and adhere to the community guidelines, our system will agree to show them. The system also uses the user’s registered email address to show avatars or other content in the comments. Additionally, this seeks to stop frequent, pointless spam comments.


Because users may choose whether to accept cookies or not, let Online Casino Malaysia answer this question. Cookies are a phrase that is quite common to people who often use the internet.

Cookies are used to identify IP or online login “traces” that travel from a machine to a server in a unique way. These files will be downloaded from the internet browser and stored to the user’s device’s hard disk.

The purpose of the data collected from cookies at Online Casino Malaysia is to determine information about online access. It is advised that you accept the cookie so that the system can identify it more quickly. If you reject the cookie, the system will not detect it until you restart your browser on your computer.

Therefore, posting a remark the following time you log in won’t need much effort or time. The gamer won’t need to enter this data again because it will be saved for a year.

In order to store the modification on the browser, the system will additionally establish a cookie holding the ID of the article editing information. These cookies, however, won’t hold any personal data and they’ll be gone in a day.

Picture Library

The system will also save the pictures and films you post in the library. Additionally, you may effortlessly and totally free download photographs and movies from the website.

Policies for additional data sources

We will record the IP address and user agent string when the user is accessing the website. This is done to identify strange spam activity. Additionally, the system will gather information based on your comments if you visit our website and leave them, together with the material that is presented.

Agree with privacy policies of Online Casino Malaysia

We will begin collecting your data as soon as you access the website. By using this service, you signify that you accept and agree with our offered privacy rules.

Participation in the Online Casino Malaysia bookie’s entertainment also constitutes acceptance of the terms by the player. Norms and gaming norms here. The gamer can cease playing here if they don’t agree with those at Online Casino Malaysia.

Players must consent to confidentiality conditions

Players agree that all registration-related information, including their name, email address, phone number, and address, is truthful and full. At the same time, the registration information has to line up with the data on the ID and the bank account. Some participation privileges will be lost if the player registers with false information.

Players should pay attention and play the complete game through to the end to reduce hazards when playing games on Online Casino Malaysia. Additionally, if you see anything fishy, examine your account details. The gamer should get in touch with customer care right away if there is an anomaly. The dealer will examine the Online Casino Malaysia data system’s complete access and transaction history.

If a player attempts to create more than one account for whatever reason. Any or all of your accounts may be promptly blocked or deleted by Online Casino Malaysia. Your original account may still be opened through Online Casino Malaysia, and any remaining balances will be returned.

However, Online Casino Malaysia will take 10% out of each account you have established as a maintenance charge. In addition to any other deductions allowed under the terms and conditions of Online Casino Malaysia.

The Online Casino Malaysia privacy rules are highly stringent. Please take note of the terms to ensure proper application. These regulations aid in ensuring the player’s and the home’s security. Creating a safe playground at the same time and also avoiding unexpected problems, preventing frauds from appropriating your bets registered at the bookie. I hope your time spent at the Online Casino Malaysia residence will be enjoyable.