• Multiple languages supported
  • Diverse payment methods with many currencies, many e-wallets as well as banks
  • Huge promotion
  • Huge game store
  • The interface is a bit confusing
  • Page loading speed is still slow
  • Many cumbersome procedures

Remember, responsible gambling means having fun while keeping your bets in check and making informed choices, ensuring that your gaming experience remains enjoyable and within your limits


  • HOT deals for rookies::
    150% welcome bonus
  • Deposit-withdrawal process::
    Local Bank, CapitalPay, RapidPay, EeziePay, TruePay, Allpay.

BK8 – Summary of reviews about the most respected bookmaker

The moniker BK8 is undoubtedly well-known to brothers who enjoy gambling and playing online games. This is regarded as one of Malaysia’s most prominent bookies. All the details concerning this bookmaker will be introduced in the article that follows.

Our review of BK8

Betting Markets
Customer Services
Payment Methods
Withdrawal Speed
Betting App
Trust & Fairness
Customer Support


Your first choice should be this bookmaker since it has a dedicated staff that works around the clock to service customers and has a large selection of gaming genres.


Some background information about the bookmaker – BK8

The most prominent online betting and game organizer in Malaysia is known by the moniker BK8. BK8, which was founded by its Maltese parent firm, is always working to create a cutting-edge, fully integrated entertainment website.

BK8 is steadily gaining players’ confidence and support by offering a wide range of engaging gaming genres, including sports, online casinos, and many more.

📌Facts about BK8Established in 2015, headquarter in the Philippines, casino license by CEZA, FCLRC organization.
🔥HOT deals for rookies150% welcome bonus; You play we pay: MYR 200 for your first bet; MYR 28,888 Extra on Jackpot; MYR 1,344,000 Daily Wins for Slots; Crypto Lucky Draw.
Sport bettingSeveral appealing betting options: over-under bet, odds ratio, correct score bet.
💸Deposit-withdrawal processLocal Bank, CapitalPay, RapidPay, EeziePay, TruePay, Allpay.
💰DepositMinimum deposit: MYR 30, maximum deposit: MYR 30,000 payment method: Local Bank (OCBC Bank, United Overseas Bank, Agro Bank, Bank Rakyat, Hong Leong Bank, RHB Bank, Public Bank Berhad, Maybank, CIMB Bank), CapitalPay, RapidPay, EeziePay, TruePay, Allpay.
💵WithdrawalMinimum withdrawal: MYR 50, maximum withdrawal: MYR 50,000, payment method: Bank transfer, Crypto (USDT-TRC20), E-wallet.
👩‍💻Programming languagesSingapore, Vietnamese, Khmer, Malay, English, Thai and Indonesian.
💷CurrencyTHB, SGD, MYR, IDR, USD.
🎮Types of gamesEsports; Sports games; Shooting Fish; 3D; Lottery; Slots; Live casino.
AdviceComputer/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile phone (iOS and Android).
📱ContactLive Chat, Telegram, Phone number, Instagram, Youtube and Email.

Malaysia-based company with a license for operating online casinos

A feature of BK8 that differentiates it In other words, this bookmaker possesses a Malaysian business license. Although the government always closely regulates the gaming betting industry, there are numerous illicit bookmakers operating in Malaysia.

You shouldn’t be concerned, though, as BK8 has a wide variety of operating and gaming licenses. To wager on our site, you just must be in compliance with Malaysia legal requirements on who is permitted to gamble.

The Curacao government also controls and regulates the games on this platform, and they are run under the Game Service Provider Master License. When playing the aforementioned games on the bookmaker’s website, players may feel entirely secure.

Some facts about BK8’s primary sponsors and partners

Some facts about BK8's primary sponsors and partners
Gold sponsor for many major tournaments

BK8 is now working with leading companies and obtaining sponsorships from them. These bookmaker’s notable sponsors include Microgaming, Toptrend Gaming, Evolution, CMD368, and…

BK8 receives assistance for all of this playground’s games because of the combination with these partners. Users will also be assisted in not having to pay an extra cost while playing betting games at the bookie at the same time.

View the games provided by the building above

Users may easily select from a range of games and betting games on the Web of BK8 based on their preferences. Following are some examples of popular game genres on this platform:

1/ Games with a sports theme and wagering games

Games with a sports theme and wagering games
Sports games are never out of hot

The most popular market at any bookmaker is sports-themed titles and games, and BK8 is no exception. This bookmaker provides a selection of wagering games and games based on popular sports including football, basketball, golf, badminton, volleyball, and tennis…

Sports betting must be addressed at BK8, where it is always busy and packed. The BK8 playground provides a variety of sports game rooms. Numerous sports betting venues, including BBIN New Sports, Crown Sports, AG Sports, SBO Sports, and SBO Virtual Sports, are available on BK8. You will realize how heated this place is if you take a stroll around these game halls.

2/ E-sports theme video games and wagering Plays

Users may choose from a variety of e-sports-related games in addition to conventional sports-themed games thanks to at BK8. The bulk of players adore these games. FIFA, Fortnite, Overwatch, INBA2K, and others are a few of the well-known esports titles offered by this bookmaker.

3/ Online casino Malaysia from BK8

Talking about the bookie BK8, the on-platform online casinos are a necessary remark. Currently, there are more than 10 distinct casinos with a range of betting genres available at the bookie’s main webpage, including crab election, blackjack, slap, and more. The live streaming of all casinos on computer screens guarantees the impartiality and fairness of bets placed by players.

The gaming rooms are lavishly, authentically decorated with appealing sound and visuals. Particularly hot and professional dealers consistently provide gamers with passionate and effective service.

Online casino Malaysia from BK8
Some flashy casinos at the bookie

4/ Slot games with extremely attractive names

Most online bookies consider slots to be their most popular form of wagering.The drawback of this game type is that there isn’t a particularly high chance of winning. If you wish to make a wager, you should first do extensive study and psychologically prepare for losing.

5/ Favorite fish-shooting game genres

At BK8, games involving shooting fish are quite popular in addition to betting games. Fish game shooting has always been intense. You may pick from a wide variety of shooting games at this mansion, ranging in difficulty from simple to complex. Some of the featured games include:

  • Alien Hunter
  • Fishing War
  • Fishing God
  • Royal Fishing and other excellent games.

To make the fish shooting game distinctive and appealing, the bookmaker has made significant design, visual, and audio investments. Players have the chance to defeat a variety of fish, monsters, and weapons by shooting fish at BK8 in particular. Each map has a different payout rate, and the rewards are of a high standard. Brothers from Malaysia are highly skilled at profiting from this game.

Favorite fish-shooting game genres
Some fish shooting games are loved by players

6/ Exciting new 4D game genres and stunning visuals

Because of the incredibly varied and attractive designs, visuals, and genres available today, nearly all 4D gaming subgenres are exceptionally favorably appreciated by the general audience. To accommodate a wide variety of gamers, this bookmaker has recently updated innumerable 4D games with numerous themes. The 4D games available at this bookmaker won’t let you down if you’re a fan.

7/ Extremely attractive lottery games by the bookie

If the bookmaker didn’t develop in Malaysia with a lottery, lotto, it would be a mistake. At the moment, BK8 is satisfying the demands of a large number of math-loving bettors.If you are a lottery enthusiast, BK8 is heaven for you. This bookie offers an extremely interesting and attractive lottery game called QQ Keno. Through the same winning lottery as buying lottery tickets, this game will find out the lucky winner. The biggest attraction of this game is that you can win a large amount of money while investing only a small amount of capital.

Extremely attractive lottery games by the bookie
Have fun with the numbers at this prestigious bookie


Access to the main page and some facts about information security

BK8 built with a very high level of information security. With a strong firewall system, this guarantees that user information is kept completely confidential. When creating an account, you may register without worrying that your personal information will be leaked.

Players may be absolutely confident in the security of BK8. Because the home is now outfitted with the most cutting-edge security system available. Information encryption technologies, firewalls, and the usage of OTP codes for all transactions are all examples.

The data consists of bet history, transactions, photographs, comments, and personal information. The player’s financial information is pledged to remain private. It is also quite easy to visit the home page of the property. But if you don’t create a personal account on this site, you won’t be able to access the games.

Customer support and counseling offered by BK8

Customer support and counseling offered by BK8
Professional system support all the time

BK8 They have long been renowned for the excellence of their customer service and support offerings. All gamers receive round-the-clock assistance when they run into any issues when logging in and playing at home thanks to a sizable and committed crew.

This is regarded as one of the standout benefits that sets BK8 apart from some other bookmakers. All individuals who have received help are known to have great things to say about this bookmaker’s customer service. If any concerns are made, they are rarely voiced, and the staff takes care to learn from them immediately.

Payment options that are favored by bookmaker BK8

BK8 is working to improve every day so that it can build a website that offers users the greatest and most upscale entertainment options. As a result, consumers may effortlessly utilize a variety of payment methods to make purchases on this site.

You may pay in full using a variety of ways, including bank transfers or well-known Local Bank, CapitalPay, RapidPay, EeziePay, TruePay, Allpay… The payment process on this website moves along really quickly; it only just a few minutes to complete.

Bonuses and enticing bookie promotions

When selecting a bookie to place bets and play games, bonuses and promotions are always your first priority. For BK8, you can relax knowing that the bonuses for the games here are of a considerable worth and guarantee the games’ integrity.

Additionally, this bookmaker often runs specials and deals, both for new customers and for specific games or titles. Your only responsibility is to pay close attention to the advertising window in order to take advantage of the alluring offers from the bookie.

In addition to existing and regular promotions on the system, BK8 also constantly launches seasonal promotions to attract players. Some popular promotions are:

  • 150% welcome bonus
  • You play we pay: MYR 200 for your first bet
  • MYR 28,888 Extra on Jackpot
  • MYR 1,344,000 Daily Wins for Slots
  • Crypto Lucky Draw

BK8 VIP – A venue for high-class people to congregate

Like other bookies, BK8 also sets up VIP accounts for regular gamers at this establishment. With these accounts, you may take advantage of exclusive promotions and get a greater gaming experience than with standard accounts.

BK8 VIP is a chapter that shows appreciation to devoted clients and takes part in frequent deposit bonuses at the casino. For participating members, the VIP club provides a variety of alluring rewards and exclusive activities.The member will benefit from additional exclusive programs, such as a specialized customer care department, an account manager, and a high return program, the higher their VIP level.

Players that meet the deposit criteria within the allotted period will be immediately elevated to VIP membership. The gamer receives their VIP upgrade within two working days of the end of each month.

Players must submit all necessary information and fulfill all conditions in accordance with BK8’s VIP upgrade policy in order to receive an upgrade for the first time.

Monthly minimum down payment:

  • 10 MYR for copper.
  • 30 MYR for silver.
  • 500 MYR for gold.
  • 600 VND for platinum.
  • 1000 VND for a diamond.

BK8 app for other operating systems

BK8 app for other operating systems
The bookie supports downloading apps on both operating systems

No matter what operating system you use, you may currently download all of the gaming programs at BK8. Applications may be downloaded in their entirety to devices running both the iOS and Android operating systems. You just need to browse CH play or the App shop and continue to download the aforementioned programs as usual.

How can a new player account be created on the BK8 website?

It’s incredibly easy to create a player account on this bookmaker’s website; simply follow these simple instructions:

  • Step 1: Visit the bookie’s official website.
  • Step 2: A dialog box displays; all that’s left to do is type the appropriate personal data.
  • Step 3: After clicking the register button and waiting a few minutes, your new account has been successfully registered.

How may money be deposited into a BK8 account?

Similar to opening an account, funding an account is likewise very quick and easy by following the procedures below:

  • Step 1: Log in to the account you already made.
  • Step 2: Click “deposit“.
  • Step 3: Enter your name, address, preferred deposit method, and the amount you wish to top up.
  • Step 4: Submit the form, then wait a few minutes. Your battery has now been successfully recharged.
How may money be deposited into a BK8 account?
Diversity of deposit methods for gamers

Instructions for a speedy withdrawal of bonuses on the bookmaker BK8 website

You merely need to take the following actions in order to withdraw the bonus you received for playing and winning games:

  • Step 1: Log in to your newly established account.
  • Step 2: Select “withdraw” and input the desired withdrawal amount.
  • Step 3: After a short period of time as the system processes your request, you will successfully have money withdrawn to your account.

Conclusion about BK8 casino

Here are some fundamental facts about BK8 that we have gathered. As can be observed, this is currently one of the top-rated bookies in Malaysia. This bookmaker should be your first pick since it offers a wide range of gaming genres, makes an investment in visual design, and has a committed team that serves clients around-the-clock, enthusiastic about gambling games.

The fact that money can be paid, deposited, and withdrawn from this bookie swiftly is another factor in its popularity with players. Choose BK8 without hesitation if you are just getting started with gambling games.

Some typical inquiries about the BK8 bookmaker

Summary of 5 common questions below:

  • Is it OK to gamble at BK8?

    If you still have concerns regarding this matter, you may rest easy knowing that this bookmaker’s whole company operations are legitimate, completely authorized, and certified. To play games on this platform, you only need to comply with Malaysian law’s requirements.

  • The BK8 dealer: a ripoff?

    One of the most esteemed bookmakers in Malaysia nowadays is BK8. Every transaction is open and honest. The bookie always puts the interests of the player first.

  • How long does it take at the home to deposit and withdraw money?

    Because this bookmaker is now continually improving the system, the payment, deposit, and withdrawal processes are likewise geared for speed. The payment task will typically just take you a few minutes, or even up to 15 minutes.

  • What should you do if the system breaks?

    There are two potential causes of system failure. The first is that the system has a problem, and the second is that the system is undergoing maintenance. If so, all you need to do is get in touch with the staff, and it will be taken care of right away.

  • Does creating a BK8 account require payment?

    You don’t need to be concerned about this. You won’t be required to pay any additional service fees when you register for an account with this bookmaker.

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