RTP updated at Online Casino Malaysia
Learn about RTP at online casinos

RTP (Return to Player) updated at Online Casino Malaysia

Discover the concept of Return to Player (RTP) in online casino Malaysia. Learn how it affects your chances of winning and find high RTP games for better odds. Read more on our review site.

What is RTP Exactly?

The Return to Player of a casino game is the average amount of money that the game pays back (or returns) to the player over an extended period of time. Shown as a percentage, RTP represents the mathematical advantage of a casino game.

To demonstrate the concept of casino RTP:

However, it;’s important to remember that the RTP percentage is based on thousands of spins or rounds, so you shouldn’t expect to always win MYR 96.01 for every MYR 100 you bet. 

Understanding the RTP of virtual sports games is essential for making informed betting decisions and managing expectations. While it does not guarantee individual winnings or losses in a single session, it provides an overall indication of the potential returns over time. By considering the RTP alongside other factors like game rules, strategies, and personal preferences, players can enhance their virtual sports betting experience and maximize their chances of success.



Each casino game is designed with its own unique RTP percentage, which determines the average amount of money that is expected to be returned to players over time. Game providers play a vital role in shaping these RTP percentages as they develop and supply the games to online casinos.

Here are some examples of RTP percentages across various casino games:

It’s important to note that the RTP percentages mentioned are general ranges and can vary depending on the specific game variant, rules, and software provider. 

Virtual Tennis

Virtual Tennis offers an immersive virtual experience that replicates the excitement and dynamics of real tennis matches. The RTP for Virtual Tennis typically varies depending on the specific game provider and platform, ranging from around 90% to 95%. 

Virtual Baseball

Virtual Baseball is another popular virtual sports betting option that allows players to bet on simulated baseball matches. The RTP for Virtual Baseball games typically falls within a similar range as Virtual Tennis, generally between 90% and 95%. 

Virtual Basketball

Virtual Basketball provides an exciting virtual representation of basketball matches, enabling players to bet on various aspects of the game, such as the final score or individual player performances. The RTP for Virtual Basketball games typically ranges from  90% to 95%.